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Banking Professionals

This training aid has been designed for professionals working in the banking and financial services sector to improve identification of elder financial abuse as well as knowledge as to what sort of action to take where financial abuse is suspected. You can find out more about how the training aid was developed and tested by visiting the Research Background section of the website.

What does the training aid involve?

To begin, you will be shown a series of case scenarios of potential financial abuse, and you will be asked to make certain judgements in each instance such as whether you think abuse is take place. You will then receive training materials which will teach you how experienced professionals identify and respond to suspected financial abuse. You will then have the chance to see if you can make judgements in a similar manner to the experienced professionals by making judgements about a final, smaller set of case scenarios.

After completing the training aid you will receive feedback about how your performance compared to the experienced professionals before and after receiving the training, and the impact that the training had on your decision making.

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Why is this training of potential value?

Training professionals who work in the banking and financial services sector to be aware of issues surrounding the financial abuse of older customers is important, both to protect customers from abuse as well as to safeguard financial assets. It is important that professionals feel confident that they know what actions they can take if they have concerns relating to financial abuse, as well as being aware of the sorts of situations which fall outside of their professional remit.

You might want to listen to the podcast featuring an experienced banking professional which is available in the educational materials section of the website, to learn more about the involvement of banking professionals in cases of elder financial abuse.

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What if the way financial abuse is dealt with in my organisation is different
from what is suggested in the training?

The training was developed based on the judgement policies of experienced professionals in relation to financial abuse, but we appreciate that different organisations may have different approaches. The training is designed to stimulate discussion, so that you can consider the types of actions you would take in response to specific cases, based on the policies and procedures followed in your business.

All of the examples of financial abuse included in the training were developed from real cases of financial abuse encountered by professionals working in the banking and financial services sector. We appreciate that you may want to know more details than the level given before taking action if you encountered the situation at work, but the cases have been purposefully designed to be short to capture your initial gut instincts about a situation.

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How do I access the training aid?

Please click on the link below to access the training aid. https://dataman.bioinformatics.ic.ac.uk/html_financial_decision_aid/